Student Projects

For Employers

Do you have a technical challenge or research question which is relevant for your business but for which your R&D department does not have the bandwidth to deep dive?

Maybe a student can help you out. Students are hands-on, smart and eager to apply their already gained knowledge and skills in the field. Very similar to what they offer during interships and graduation projects. But smaller in size and without the learning constraints of the institute. Your objectives matter the most.

With student projects we offer Applied Research or technical support in small (40h) sprints for an attractive low fee (time/material). Low enough so you get value for money and friendly enough for students to fund their study. To maximize result, students are coached by an experienced engineer.

To submit a technical challenge or research question send an email which addresses the topics below. We will then contact you to finetune details. Once everything is clear and agreed upon, the request will be published and students can enroll.

  • Name and contact details
  • Description of the technical challenge or research question
  • Relevant technical expertise (SE, SET, ML, AI, sensors, etc)
  • Expected Technology Readiness Level (max TRL level 4)
  • Expected nr of sprints
  • Expected deadline
  • A.O.B.

As soon as a short list of promising candidates is available, we will together select the most suitable candidate and schedule a meeting to discuss technical and organisational details. When fully aligned, a formal agreement will be created and the actual work can start.

At the end of every sprint, the student will present the results. You then confirm whether they meet your expectations. If satisfactory, the results will be handed over and agreements for a potential next sprint will be agreed upon. And last-but-not-least, payment for the work will be arranged.

For Students

Working on real life projects is fun and rewarding. It enables you to demonstrate your hard and soft skills. Very helpful to build an attractive CV and to fund your study. Note that working on customer projects is not without obligation; customers expect good results, within time and budget. Projects are time-boxed in short (40h) sprints. Your fee depends on your EC-level, payment is according to Dutch labour and tax laws. Minimum requirements to participate are:

  • Dutch HBO or University student
  • ICT (SE, SET) or Engineering (E, M)
  • Study level: ≥30 EC
  • Minimum availability: 8 hours/week
  • Allowed to work under Dutch labour and tax laws

To apply for a customer project, follow these steps:

  1. Register your skills and availability
    Send an email with information about your profile. After screening and approved you will be added to our database and you will receive regular mailings with an overview of open projects.
    • Name
    • Educational Institute
    • Study profile
    • Study level (nr of EC)
    • Contact info (email, phone)
    • Link to linkedIn profile
    • Availability per month
  2. Enroll for specific projects
    To apply for a specific project send a motivation email to underpin why you are the ultimate candidate for this project.
  3. Make sure you’re selected by the customer
    Be the best candidate for the job so the customer will pick you from the short list of all students that enrolled.